Basis the child must know until his fourth year

A late Latin brief study published by “Ounce child knowledge center administered by OIAS ” says that the information the boy receive must be equal to their age, that’s it’s possible to the child to learn 4 years old stuff at the age of two, and the study also added that mental absorption level must be generally examined every two years.
But there are families that have many children give information for the children year by year, what makes the period to get the examination information is short but the two years examination makes that period longer what enable child to absorb this information he received.
The second-year then the fourth year of the child is considered the most age stages importance that decides the future of the child’s mental absorption, based on that
The child’s level may be drawn in the form of a straight line at his next age stages.
And when any zigzag happens to this line, we must be alert to know the reason of this zigzag and be able to treat it, not necessary that the reason is retardation but it may be other psychological or physiological reasons that affect the child temporarily, and he will come back normal once again after a while.

Basis the child must know:
To say his name and age correctly.
To speak approximately 250-500 word from his mother tongue and 40 words from other languages if his parents say them in front of him.
To be aware of simple questions, like: are you ok today? Do you love your parents? How many brothers and sisters do you have? What is your favorite meal?
To create a complete sentence consists of five or six words without a stop in the middle of speaking.
To pronounce the words obviously without any mistakes.
To tell short easy stories.
To know how to hold a pen and write his name.
To know the meals time.
To greet other people.
To put his things in its right places with the right arrangement.
To wear his shoes or and clothes on his own, like a jacket and shirts.
To get used to school time and wake up easily.

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