How do you deal with your child on the first day of nursery?

Nursery or kindergarten is one of the ways that suit all mothers where children meet until the mother returns from her work, but mostly, we find difficult during the first day of a child’s going to nursery, especially when they suddenly feel like they’re with people who are strangers for a whole day, how can you deal with your child’s first day of nursery?
Don’t be surprised when you see your baby bursting from crying when he sees you leaving the nursery, leaving him alone with people the first time he meets and leaves for a long time, This often happens with many mothers and fathers, especially on the first day of nursery, later the child gets used to the place and feel that it is normal, but there are some parents who know how to deal with this matter, and how is the psychological preparation of the child so that he can adapt to the new situation with ease and speed, So through this article we offer you a set of tips that enable you to deal correctly with this day, and make your child easily integrate with the nursery you have chosen for him, and remember something important, that the more gradually it is with the child the easier.
New surroundings and new environment
First, before your child goes to the nursery, you should take him on an exploratory visit to the new nursery you’ve chosen for him, the child must pass on the nannies and teachers and get to know them so that he does not feel afraid from them on the first day, Come in with your child everywhere in the nursery to explore it well and feel familiar with it, explain to him the place where he learns and paints in color, and the places where he’s going to play, define the location of the toilets and the place to eat for him, It is known that a child during his early years only cares about his basic requirements, namely, who feeds him and enter him the bathroom and so on.

New Relationships:
Introduce the new nanny to your child, where he will spend a long time with her and you should make a good relationship between them, if possible, introduce him to the cook who brings food there, The child must know the role of each of them even resorted to if needed, tell your child that he must respect and trust them because you trust them.
Community life:
Your child must be prepared for community life and know that there are other people he can deal with and that it will be more fun, For example he recognizes children of the same age or if the children of the neighbors go to the same nursery, the child must know them, or you talk about them with the child, for example, tell him that you know that the son of neighbors Mohamed in the same nursery and you can play with him and talk together, these things will make the child not feel alienated and lonely that he may feel during his first day in the nursery, it is also an opportunity for the child to get to know his new friends and nanny with whom he will spend a long day.
Communication between mother and nanny:
You need to get close to your child’s nanny and talk to her about everything about your baby, like what he likes, what he hates, what he likes to eat and what he never eats, tell her about the baby’s fears and the tricks you’re doing with your baby to sleep, and other things, and in this way, you have informed the nanny about everything and gave her the keys to dealing with your child, this can create a state of love and bonding between the child and the nanny.
New Timing:
Days or weeks before the child goes to the nursery, you should know when to enter and exit the nursery, and nap time, eating time and playing time with other children, from this you can apply these appointments with the child before entering the nursery and carrying it out at home, this helps your child to cope with these appointments and become similar to his appointments in food and sleep and play, and so, you can do these things gradually and make sure that through this method will facilitate your child trauma received in the first day of the sudden change of lifestyle, especially if the nursery style is completely different with his lifestyle.
Community Concept:
You have to develop your child’s advantage of being self-relied on in more than one thing, and do not wait to be in the hands of his nanny in all things because there are children and other children in the nursery and he will not have the care that he finds with his mother, so make it easy for your child, and make him accustomed to self-reliance, keep his personal clean during the day, and make him used to go to the bathroom alone, wash his hand from the dust , open his pants to use the toilet, also how to use the fork to eat, and how could he take off his shoes, these actions he will be a special child for the nanny, and a source of pride to you.
Gradual combination:
Select a little time on the first day of pre-school, and he doesn’t spend the whole day so he doesn’t get bored from the first day, and then gradually lengthen the duration, For example, on the first day, leave him for two or three hours, then bring him back to eat at home, gradation in this matter so that the child can spend the entire day in the nursery without being bored, He studies a period and plays with his friends for a while and eats and sleeps in the nap.
You can take something important for him while he is in the nursery, like his favorite game or the dish he likes, or, for example, his bed cover smells things he likes and sees at home, this makes him do not feel alienation from the nursery.

Try to get your child to get used to certain times, For example, eating has a date, sleeping has a date, playing and going out and everything has a date, which makes the child accustomed to it and make him feel at ease and confidence, that’s from the child’s side, on the other hand, it makes it easier for you to quickly combine a child with others, for example, if the child used to finish his studies at a certain time, and that the child knows that his father comes to take him from the nursery at a certain time, this will make him finish the study and wait for his father without problems or boredom.
One of the things that make you live an easy and quiet life is that your child is accustomed to a certain way of life, for example, before you go to work, get him used to hugging him once, kissing him twice and say goodbye to him three times, these things will make your child feel tender and reassured every time you leave him, For example, when you say I will come to you at three o’clock, you must fulfill that to make him feel confident.

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