How to teach your child to fulfill promises?!

Children can make a lot of promises without giving any care to the importance of fulfillment of the promises, but fulfillment of the Covenant is one of the most important moral values the child must have from a young age and he has to be aware of the importance of honesty, and you must know that this thing begins from parents, so in this article we will provide a group of advice that will help you in the imposition of the fulfillment of promises in children.
How to instill the value of fulfilling the promises in children:
It must be known that the good moral values get inside the child by the closest example to him so the parents must be good examples to their children in honesty and fulfillment of promises.
The child must learn from the beginning that fulfillment of promises is from the values related to courage, and knowing the importance of apology when making mistakes, and also the parents must give the care to have him like a friend and follow his actions and evaluate them, in addition to giving him advice without criticizing him.
The child must learn that this is wrong to make promises that he can’t fulfill and besides that, he must know the things he can do, but it’s forbidden and may cause punishment to him.
And here the child must have the culture of apology and the courage it contains to enable him to apologize if he says or do something wrong or even inadvertently.
The child must be trained on financial transactions practically, keeping secrets, punctuality, hiking and he must have the knowledge that he must keep this moral values no matter what happens even if he forced to live with other people who don’t have the same moral values he brought up with.
The mother must not be offensive to who doesn’t fulfill his promises in front of the child, but he must know that’s this is wrong especially if he was a family member.
The child may say “my uncle do the same” in this situation you must criticize the act itself, not its doer.
Ask your child to alert you when you do wrong things like that, and as his parents but also all people are in danger of falling in wrong, and we as a family we should encourage us to continue in the proper way and ensure that applying this will create a credibility between you and your child and as a result he will apply the things he had learned.
The child will definitely alert you when you make mistakes, and in this situations don’t arrogate and teach him the culture of apology and courage.
The child must get used to recording his promises by writings or drawing, and he must hang it to see it.
Help your child to plan to do his promises, that when he makes promises tell him how to do it and not to renegades, also help him to divide this mission into small parts so through it he reaches his goal.
Tell your child always about the fulfillment of promises out of the novel’s heroes having courage and power whether it religious stories or simple stories for children to deliver the meaning easily and encourage the child to be like them.
The story is considered one of the important methods to deliver information to child easily, for example, if you failed in explaining something like moral value to your child, you can tell it in form of simple story, and the child easily will get the meaning, so we get you a fulfillment story you can tell your child:
“once upon a time،there was a child called Nagy who was getting ready to play football, and before moving from home his mother told him to come in time as they were going to visit his ill uncle, and when Nagy gone and during enjoyment of football he remembered the promise he gave and he told his friends that he is coming back and he left the game to do his promise and go with his mom, and on their way, Nagy was very happy that he didn’t Renegade on his promise. ”
The importance of instilling values:
Morals, honesty, truthfulness, and fulfillment of promises are morals that must be instilled in our children from a young age as to bring up with, and it’s from the morals that are connected together that the truthfulness linked to honesty and then honesty linked to fulfillment and other morals that we must teach or children.
We must know that these morals won’t install itself or just by talking, but it installs in the child by your verbs and his father, so you both have the responsibility to install the morals values in him from a young age till he became a good person.
And at the end remember that your fulfillment of your promises what makes him do the same to others.

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