Methods to teach your child empathy

Your child must realize the importance of the cooperation with other in everything, but also he must recognize the people who deserve empathy and the fake people, who abuse the others, look for justifications for their injustice, their realization, and their attitude to never empathize whatever happened.
Educate children on the failure of imagination:
When the people have awareness, knowledge, and enlightenment, they have no desire to remember the difficult things and the challenges they passed through, but contrariwise they just forget the challenges and pain they passed through and only remember the success they reach.
Helping the children to develop the moral sense based on self-control:
The children have popularity when they empathize and help the others spontaneously, but many studies show that the children probability of sympathizing with others reduced when they rewarded materially on that, and other studies show that the children probability increases when the parents keep the stability and use the stabilization methods until the moral sense of children develop.
Teach your child how to express other’s feelings:
The studies proved that submission to the motives of facial expressions may be the reason of empathizing the related feeling in case the others made the same facial expression that there were some changes of related empathy brain function areas.
Helping in developing their skill of reading face expressions:
It’s difficult to empathize, people when we have a problem with reading the facial expressions. That we see the children at preschool ages can read the facial expressions so they can know the other’s feelings, like happiness, fear, love, hate, oppression and other feelings that help them to solve the social problems facing them because of inability to read faces.
Helping children to discover the Similarities between them and the others:
The adults are considered more empathized in the things they share, and they feel empathy very easily with people they know, and from studies learning empathy at children comes more from influence by others verbs more than words.
Support the children:
Feeling the pain that the other feel not a nice thing so that children have a great probability to overcoming this in case that established to have self-organizing skill.
For example, in the case of seeing sad person on TV or reality, you can discuss that with your children even if it was small talk, it’ll be helpful.

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