The ways to deal with a coward child

It is disturbing for the mother to find her child feeling fear and anxiety and the child even may become a coward, unable to take responsibility or protect himself and this is one of the serious things which need intervention to find out the causes and ways to treat this fear. The mother should be greatly aware of these factors to learn how to deal with it and solve the problem.
Reasons of the child’s turning to be hesitant and coward:
There are some factors affecting the child and his personality and make him confused in front of everyone and these factors have to be known to control the problem. These factors include:
Huge problems between the father and mother or separation from each other are examples for the biggest factors which make the child lose sense of security and his reactions becomes abnormal and frequently uncertain.
The mother is beaten by the father repeatedly and very violently. This is able to transform the character of the child to be afraid of the closest people to him.
Excessive caring by the mother continuously which appears in some sentences such as watch out for this, do not do this, it is dangerous; all these sentences affect the child and lead him to fear the simplest things.
Lack of interest in the personality of the child or discovering what he loves and what he dislikes and interfere in everything related to his life in an exaggerated way that make the child impersonal and coward.
How to deal with a coward child:
The child should get the safety he needs in order to able to deal with other people and have courage and good behavior in his reactions.
The child should always be involved in the conversation and discussion and be closer to find out what causes his fear and how to get rid of this fear to acquire a stronger personality.
It is advisable to assign the child a number of tasks even if they are simple and if the child does these tasks, he is praised for them and in cases of failure he should also be aware there is always success after failure by trying more than once. That gives him self-confidence and the ability to do his own business without relying on anyone.
Totally avoid making fun of the things he does but vice versa he should be praised and encouraged to do it more than once. Keep silent when he fails to do something because scolding causes him to be frustrated and fail and lose the desire to try it again.
The child should not be spoiled too much as the child becomes a coward passive person and unable to do the simplest things. Also do not neglect him; there must be a balance in dealing with the child because negligence also makes him aggressive, cowardly and afraid of others.
Be careful not to intimidate the child however he should be encouraged to do things himself with monitoring to protect him from danger and let the child rely on himself and be bold and courageous.
The child should be given the opportunity to express joy and cry and should not be feared by something as this will make him fear that thing just because you used it as a threat.
Motivational words are one of the most important factors helping to build the child’s personality. When the child does a good job, he should be motivated by words like you are brave, you are the most skilled man among your siblings and other motivational phrases that give the child self-confidence and make him always eager to achieve success.
Attempt to tell stories to the child that contain brave heroes, distinguish people who are bold in novels and films and keep him away from watching films that contain violence and full of criminality.
The father or mother should not always try to defend the child, they should let him defend himself first to be able to face others and take his own right without relying on anyone and delay guidance until he is away from his opponent.
The mother must be fully aware of all the details of her child and monitor from a distance to know what is the abilities of her child and encourage him and also to control the mistakes remotely and the child should not see his mother lie or has a weak personality because the child acquires the qualities and skills of the mother and father also, so they should be good role models for the child. The child has to get religious knowledge, the right and wrong so as not to change from a coward to a person unscrupulous and sharp in his treatment.
The child’s skills must also be developed and demonstrated if they are hidden such as art, music, drawing, sports, and other skills that make the child able to do things himself and do not know a path to failure. This is considered as one of the most important factors that grant the child a strong personality characterized by no weakness.

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