Types of personality of your child, and ways to deal with them

Today we find it difficult to deal with our children, especially with the major developments we are witnessing in our daily lives that have made the task of rearing children very difficult.
The child is that biological object that we strive all the time to transform him a social person who affects the community and is influenced by it.
All the life matters around us interfere with children rearing, starting with the culture of parents and the way they deal with their children and their ways of education, passing through the environment surrounding them and its components and the individuals who live in it, until we reach education and schools.
According to Rousseau, proper education and the ways that fathers should follow with children are to leave them to nature, with parents being the main effective factor in the axis of rearing.
There’s no doubt that the environment around children has a big factor in raising a child. But we cannot deny that the great and the key role in the process of rearing is for parents. So through this article we will give you ways to help you rearing children with ease by recognizing the personality of each child and how to deal with it.
The educational process is significantly related to our ability to know the child’s personality and understand his personality, this makes it easier to deal with him, where each child has an educational personality to deal with him on the basis of which, and varies from child to child, so I’ll show you the characters of the children to know your child any of them to be able to deal with him with ease.
Stubborn child:
Child stubbornness is just innocent behavior, the child only wants him to prove himself and that he is an independent being with opinions that are contrary to the opinions imposed on him, in this case, you should not use violence with your child and do not be stubborn with him, and it should be noted that the child learns everything from the parents, even if he’s stubborn in front of them, therefore, you should not impose on him all the sofas and give him some choices that are suitable to meet the same purpose but in different forms, and in this way, you prove to your child that he has the freedom to choose, but in fact it remains your choice.
A shy sensitive child:
If your child is of the type of children that have a sense and constant feeling, he has an over-crying of the simplest things, this kind of child is the sensitive kind that must be dealt with compassion and tenderness, and be careful not to yell at this child, no matter what he’s wrong, he should also not be forced to deal with strangers and large gatherings suddenly, and this has to come gradually, for example, start with him with the little gatherings he loves, and you have to be careful to give him self-confidence in front of strangers all the time.
Selfish Child:
If your child is selfish and this is the result of being very pampered, that’s the first reason why he’s a selfish person who only loves himself, and he doesn’t want to give anything to others, and this selfishness can be caused by your extreme neglect of him, If a child feels neglected by his mother and father, he is selfish in bringing emotions from everyone around him, so you have to boost his self-confidence and love for others.
Negative child:
There’s no doubt that negativity is an unwanted bad trait, so in case your child is negative and doesn’t care about those around him or the things that happen around him, you have to pay attention to this point and not neglect it, The behavior of your child is not alone altered, but you always have to guide your child to what’s right, you have to involve him in everything with you, Let him help you with things at home, Always share him in all your life things so he do the same with you.
Ways to deal with a child:
Exchange of sharing between you and the child:
The exchange of sharing between the two parties is a favorite that brings them closer to each other, so you have to share everything with your child so he too can do the same thing to you; you have to share with him even the simplest things like playing, drawing and reading.
Talk to him constantly and don’t neglect him, learn about his news with his friends at the school and the club, this makes you strengthen the bond between you and your child and also that you make him self-reliant by sharing him with you in things, such as preparing some easy recipes with you, which do not need gas stove for example, he also relied on himself to arrange his room and put his dirty clothes in the laundress, come with you to buy some things and put them in place when return.
Reducing his relationship with television:
In the first two years of life the child should not be completely exposed to television, many research has confirmed that a child does not benefit from television altogether, and that a child who watches television delayed at the rate of eight words about a child who spends this time in playing games.
TV makes the child a negative in accepting information; this is because the TV makes the child receive the information and does not interact with it only watching it, which leads to cerebral laziness and lack of growth.
Unlike creative activities that require flexibility in the interaction between the child’s mind and what he receive, the research also confirmed that children who watch TV at the age of five for more than three hours or who watch it at the age of seven more times to be more than others in acquiring unwanted habits, like being aggressive, fighting with others, lying and stealing.
Scenes of violence seen by children cause them a state of sag and ease of orientation towards violence; the commercials in the children’s programs generate a state of ambition and urgency to have everything that they see in these programs, therefore, pay attention to the time spent by the child in front of the TV, and this time should not exceed two hours a day.
Define your child’s tasks with paper and pen:
One of the things that many parents are lazy about is encouraging the child to identify all his tasks with paper and pen, and identify all the things he wants to accomplish, It makes the child have confidence in himself, that he is responsible, and also helps him set his priorities first.
And he should know that things do not write cannot be achieved, he must also get used to the importance of time, and he must constantly plan his work, making him a person capable of achieving later.
Interest in child’s games (toys):
Games are one of the most beloved things for a child, and it’s a hate from parents, where parents see it as a waste of time, play helps the child to develop his talent and sensory, cognitive, social and linguistic skills, and so on, and other things that many parents don’t know, there’s a strong relationship between playing, raising a child, and developing his behavior, Where games are considered the means by which the child makes himself aware of, and help him to discover the world around him.
Developing the child’s talents:
Parents usually don’t neglect their children’s talents, but many parents are too lazy to develop a child’s talent, therefore, you should take care of the child’s talent if it is apparent and you should take care of its development, and there can be a talent and it is not clear then you should discover it, there are many talented children who only discovered their talent after practicing it, so make sure to introduce your child to many sports and talents such as swimming, karate, gymnastics, art, music and other creative talents.

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