Ways to encourage a child to go to nursery

Many children reject the idea of going to nursery, and feel unwilling to move on to this stage, the child may express his unwillingness to go to the nursery by crying, and the child is alone and doesn’t want to deal with other children, all this can lead to anxiety and fear of custody.
The mother in the stage before going to the nursery should start to prepare for her child for the next stage and nature, and participate him in some activities that are similar to the activities of the nursery, for example, provide him with a paper to write and draw with color, which makes him enjoy this matter, we also make him try to write on the chalk board.
You can talk to your child about some minor problems he can meet on his first day in kindergarten, and if he’s scared, he goes to the teacher to tell him.
Visiting the child to the nursery before starting to go to it is a factor that helps to reduce the child’s dread from the place for the first time, allowing him to experiment with the places where he will sit, play with his friends and interact with teachers and friends makes him feel excited to enter this place later, try to bring the child and other children in the nursery by setting a date for an interview before going to the nursery to get to know each other.
Promote the first meeting in the nursery where the father and mother must accompany their child to introduce the child to the teacher and form a good relationship with him, this allows the teacher to have a good relationship with his parents, which makes the child feel comfortable and secure, when the moment of goodbye comes with the child, he should leave immediately, prolonging the goodbye time with the child makes him feel that custody is a bad place and he won’t feel comfortable in this place when he feels lonely and his parents have left him.
The role of the teacher is very important at this stage; the teacher is the one who can deal with the child later, there are some children who quickly get used to the place and start jumping and running with their classmates, there are those who remain alone and feel scared of those around him, It is good in this case to be doing some activities to get rid of this fear through the work of a circle with children and talk about some of the things that attract the attention of the child, like what they did yesterday and what they’re planning to do today.
The mother should also start organizing the child’s waking and sleeping times, and also organize their feeding times to give the energy needed to cope with fear and anxiety.
Talk to your child on a daily basis and find out what he has done during his day, so that he or she can later carry out important activities that he tells you, share what he says and show interest in what he says.
The child should be encouraged to express his anxiety and fear, and tell him that this is normal and not shameful until he feels that he has got rid of this fear.
The child should be treated with love and attention and avoid violence with him in his early days of custody so as not to increase his fear and anxiety.
Share with the child about the problems he faced at nursery, which helps build his self-confidence.
Encourage your child to think in positive ways to get rid of his or her problems.
Encourage him to focus on all that is positive and good, and away from negative thinking and frustrating that leads to anxiety.
Ask your child to teach you what he had done during his day in nursery even feel that what he is doing is important and increases the enthusiasm.

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