20 ideas to bring up a confident child

The positive way for the image which the child forms about himself is not the image in which he sees himself but the image of how he thinks others perceive him. A child is able to realize his reality and personality during the preschool period through the eyes of his parents and their reactions towards him.

For example when parents reflect a positive image of the child, this gives him confidence in himself as they show their interest in the wishes of the child and when he sees that his parents looking at him in a good way, he will learn well how to think of himself in a good way.

Calling the child by his name is one of the ways which contributes to his strong personality and self-confidence, especially if calling is accompanied by eye contact and touch as this would send the child a feeling that he is an important person and distinct. Calling by name is one of the factors breaking the barriers between people. The child also learns how to use the name with the desired purpose of the accompanying message.

Calling by the full name gives the child a deep feeling of being an important person as well as the desire to try out new things that he has never tried. Such factors give the child self-confidence instead of doing things he already knew and practiced well. The child’s activities should be diverse and include multiple skills and talents to strengthen the determination of the child and make him self-confident.

The child’s success and helping them achieve it are factors that help and support the child in building a strong personality. This can be done for you through these tips:

Urge the child not to be anxious and worried and to think calmly about the problems he faces, to share his thoughts with others, to ask about their opinions, to engage with them and to participate in putting solutions that can be realistically applied.

Also, help the child achieve his goals even if they are simple such as riding a bike, in this way he will have other goals in the field of sports.

Continuous motivation should be given to the child after accomplishing achievements, whether large or small, and he should keep the history of his achievements and celebrate them as this would raise the child’s morale and urge him to always succeed and the child has to know that failure is possible and it is a normal step towards success.

Self-confidence is essential for the child to be happy and able to be a successful person later. When self-confidence is embedded in the person’s self since childhood, he becomes more able to face the problems and pressures encountered and a mother can build a strong character for her child through some methods and simple behaviors that have a big impact later on.

Here are 20 ideas to bring up a self-confident child:

The child should be sure his mother’s love for him is unconditional.

The child should be given some small tasks at home.

Call the child by his name.

Join him while he plays and make him win the game.

Focus on boosting your self-confidence because the child considers the father and the mother as role models.

Give your child some important things to help with even if they are simple.

Ask your child for his opinion on some matters.

Allocate time to spend with the child.

Allow the child to make some decisions for himself and choose his simple things.

Teach your child how to have specific goals to achieve.

Let the child hear you when you talk about him positively.

Hang your child’s achievements and all that he has created on a wall at the house.

Reward the child for his success in the right way.

Encourage your child to acquire new skills and to go on adventures.

Encourage him to develop his interests.

Help your child express his feelings.

If he makes a mistake, let him know you are annoyed at him and show that his personality doesn’t include this behavior.

Surround your child with positive people.

Help him get rid of the sense of failure and not to think about it.

Give your child all your love, interest and compassion.

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