Is my child’s nursery teacher treating him well?

Childhood is one of the most preoccupied stages of mothers’ minds and this stage lasts until the child enters the nursery. However the child goes to the nursery, the mother remains concerned about how teachers treat her child in the nursery because most children cannot express things that happen to them. So today we will learn about some ways in which we could know whether the child is treated well or not.

Signs indicating that the child does not want to go to nursery

Usually the most important thing about which mothers concern is whether the child is eating food and whether they are treated well there. Children cannot express the things they feel in a good way, so the mother remains in a state of constant worry and it is more disturbing if the child is crying while going to the nursery which indicates if your child is treated well or badly by the teacher.

Persistent baby cry

 You may notice that the child cries frequently when going to the nursery although the child has been going to the same nursery for months which means the nursery is not a new environment for him to fear to go to but the child may be exposed to violence at that period by the teacher, or treated badly which makes him not like going there and try to return home with you.

Permanent refusal to go to nursery

The mother has to observe the behavior of the child at the time of the nursery, and whether he is excited to go there or he refuses to go permanently and if also he refuses to go out of the house. Despite of the mother’s motivation and encouraging him to go there so that he can play with his friends in the nursery or the mother buys some sweets for him after coming home and stuff like that, the child refuses all those temptations and cries persistently and refuses to go there.

No interaction with others

The teacher may notice that the child is not responding to the children around him, not even with the teacher herself and the teacher may tell the mother about that, so you should know that the lack of interaction is caused by fear of something. 

The child hates the teacher

The mother should visit the teacher to ask about the child and how is his response with her in the classroom and the child must be with the mother. At that time she should observe reactions and behaviors of the child when he sees the teacher and in this way we could be certain about how the teacher treats him.

The child’s manner and behavior

It is also possible that some changes occur regarding his manner and to say some words which he may hear from the teacher and repeat them automatically and he repeats threats or insulting words therefore you have to observe all the changes that occurred to him after going to the nursery because these changes may appear as anxiety during sleep or refrain from eating.

Going to the nursery suddenly

The mother has to monitor the nursery atmosphere. Are there a lot of children crying or is the situation normal, do you hear the voices of the teachers screaming or do they treat the children in a nice way?

New skills

The child should acquire some new skills from the teacher. The lack of the child skills and the absence of any change in his activities are also evidences that teacher is bad.

No self confidence

Every mother knows the things that her child is afraid of and avoids but when some things that were previously normal now become frightening and his self-confidence is lacking, it is also one of the biggest signs that there is a problem in the nursery.

Asking the child

The mother should ask the child about the nursery, how it was there today, about the games he played and what he learned today. The conversation is a wonderful thing that must exist between the child and his mother. When the child talks, he tells everything that happened in the day and will not hesitate to tell you even things that troubles him.

How to determine the right time to go to the nursery

First, the child must have dropped the use of pampers and he can go to the bathroom or even use the potty. Usually we find that most nurseries put that condition, so the child must be trained well before deciding to go to the nursery.

 It is possible to try a short day there, the child can only stay half a day and can go only three days a week. All these things make the child accustomed to go there.

 It is also possible for the child to start his day in the nursery with the time of playing with his friends so that he gets habitual to the place easily and communicate with them effectively.

The child should also at first rely on discipline at the time of waking before going to the nursery for a long period so that it is not the nursery that makes him wake up forcedly and not want to go to the nursery because he does not want to wake up.

 Skills development. The nursery is a place to develop skills but the home also has a huge effect on those things as the mother has to accustom her child to handicrafts, coloring, drawing and other things that grant him a new skill.


The child has to get used to hearing stories daily. In the nursery there is a time for the story and at home the child should listen to stories also to get used to reading since childhood and love it.

The nursery is defined as the normal place where the child is educated and learns letters, numbers and other things but you should also teach the child these things before going there to not be shocking and to make him feel more intimate and self-confident.

 You can also teach the child colors and shapes before going there. You can teach him the colors through a song or repeating some questions about the color of the door and the car and other questions to learn colors.

 The child also has to get used to chanting songs and educational odes before going to nursery. Until he get used to chanting educational songs in his group, he can repeat songs of numbers, letters or even songs in cartoon films.

 The child has to get used to staying away from you, so both of you have to be ready for that idea. Stay away from the sudden disappearance in front of the child not to cause him a psychological harm. You should first talk to him and tell him it will not be difficult and you will come again to take him. All of these things make the child accept the idea gradually. Children imagination is wide, do not make him think that you abandoned him or you may forget the place and will not come back again to take him.

Just to be cautious it’s better to choose the right place for you near home and the safest among the neighboring nurseries. 

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