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Steps to Enrollment

Our goal is to provide an educational opportunity for all children in a healthy and safe environment.
We welcome children from the age of two months to the age of entry to school. A child seat is allocated in the nursery for those who attend first. If there is no seat for the child, the data of the children applying for admission to the nursery will be placed on the waiting list, and contact will be made with the parents in the future if there is a vacant seat for the child.
If the child is accepted, the registration fee (non refundable) must be paid to ensure a seat for the child.

• A copy of the child’s passport and a personal guardian card.
• 2 child photos.
• A copy of the birth certificate for the child.
• A copy of the vaccination book.
• Filling registration forms
• Medical History
• Special Meals
• Kids Equipments

Kindergarten requires payment of the child’s full fee, from the date of admission of the child and the date of enrollment. We would like to draw your attention to the following:
• Fees are non-refundable and non-transferable in any circumstances, and must be paid before the first day of each course or until the fourth day as a maximum.
• The siblings who wish to attend will have a 10% discount on registration fees.
• Cash payment is accepted, by credit card, bank transfers or checks.
• To remind you to pay the fees, the nursery will send messages via e-mail or mobile.
• If the fees are not paid until the fifth day of the course, a late payment fee will apply.
• Pay full fees before your holidays to secure your child’s seat in class.

Registration fee: QR 1000 payable only once
Monthly fees: (2800) riyals per month (5 days a week)

Registration fees are not refundable if parents decide to cancel their child registration.

• Parents should inform the nursery administration of the absence of their children for any reason, and not bring the child to custody if he is sick. The amount paid will not be refunded in the absence of the child for any reason (medical report as needed indicating the child’s health status).

Cancellation or Registration Policy: If the parent wishes to cancel the registration of the child for any reason, you must inform the nursery in advance. Please note that the prepaid amount will not be refunded to the school unless the nursery has been notified in writing in advance.

Your Kid should be from 2 months to 4 years old to be able to register for 2019-2020 Study year.

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Excellent Programmes

Our programs are designed to increase your child’s understanding and a distinctive learning methodology as we integrate both education and entertainment

Exceptional Facilities

The presence of special facilities for your child is important for us and therefore we have provided many facilities and games and wonderful exercises

Time is flexible

Keep in mind the flexibility of time and compatibility with obligations of parents and the family