It begins with the child in this the old desire to self – reliance he wants to do everything alone, as he tries to imitate all the actions of the mother, in particular, and because at this stage we should child development skills and intellect so we will show many of the ideas of the activities of Montessori in the second year of your child.


Montessori curriculum in this period focuses on self-learning and development of basic life skills Independence, self-esteem, ability to focus and attention, sensory development and language development in your child.

1- Self-care activities:

It is important to train your child to take care of his or her personal care, such as hand washing and drying. And brushing themselves, eating alone, Dressing and selection. And sit on the toilet alone, with the need to create the environment around him to suit its size, for example provide a small chair to make it easier for him to sit on the toilet and use the tap and wash his hands without the help of anyone.

2- Environmental Care Activities:

It is important that your child learns how to take care of the environment around him. For example (carrying the work tray carefully) is an example of taking care of the environment, and maintaining a neat environment in the home and put everything in the right place is a good example of preserving the environment around him.

3- Corner working life:

It is important at this point to involve your child in the housework and some simple homework that suits his age. These seemingly boring tasks on the contrary are exciting for your child. 
Svrh your child too much reliance on himself and used the means of the environment around him like an adult; an example of some of the suggestions on this: 

  • In the kitchen:

Prepare your child food with you, such as peeling bananas and some simple household chores, such as preparing dinner plates with you, or cleaning the trip.

  •  Banana peeling training:

It is a fun game for your child and will teach him to rely on himself in preparing a snack between meals for himself, pull the banana peel in front of him and make him do it alone and then eat.

  •  Cup and spoon training:

At this stage, we begin to teach the child self-reliance and train him to use the spoon and cup with the help of a larger person and then alone.

4- Activities to care for others:

Your child’s interest in others is essential at this age: caring for pets like birds and cats and caring for plants.  

5- Learning Values:

 Montessori curriculum also teaches your child good morals and respect. It is important that your child is used to saying (please, thank you, if you allow) and that you deal with your child at this level of ethics. Do not ask your child to speak the language of respect and you do not do it with him.

6- Motor Skills Development Activities:

Montessori Curriculum This age is concerned with your child’s motor skills and development. One of the activities that you are interested in is the activities of pouring the contents from a vase to a vase using a hand, spoon or cup.

7- Development of knowledge and perception:

Match Holographic with image and vice versa, categorize objects into groups.

8- Art:

Montessori’s educational curriculum is concerned with art through drawing and coloring with your child.

9- Language:

Montessori’s educational curriculum is concerned with language through frequent reading and speaking.

10- Mathematics:

Montessori curriculum is concerned with developing your child’s math skills and doing counting activities.